This site has been designed to present the work of Frederick Steinmann. The Swiss artist lives in Vienna and produces a dense and multifaceted work, full of humour and philosophy. Discover most of his paintings, drawings, objects, sculptures and installations under Portfolio.


Herzliche Einladung zur Ausstellung

Frederick STEINMANN – Autoroute

bei SchlichtSchön in Walkersdorf

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 12. Mai

18 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer bis 18. Juni 2022

Dienstag – Freitag 11.00 bis 18.30 Uhr

Samstags 11 – 15 Uhr

Rainer Böhm/SchlichtSchön

Walkersdorf 71

Gemeinde Ottendorf

8262 ILZ

Tel 0043 660 1897 288

UID ATU7679 1349


Dienstag bis Freitag 11 – 18.30 Uhr

Samstag 11 – 15 Uhr

Montag geschlossen


ORF Willkommen Österreich


List of exhibitions

2022 Rainer Böhm/SchlichtSchön Ilz
2021 Spark Art Fair Galerie Konzett Wien
2019 Galerie Konzett Wien
2018 Galerie Frewein-Kasakbaev solo Wien
2018 Galerie Frewein-Kasakbaev collective Wien
2017 Galerie Frewein-Kasakbaev Wien
2016 Gemütliches Traumservice Wien
2015 Ausstellungsraum Wien
2014 Schlichtbarock im Kieslingerhaus Feldbach
2012 Glockenspielhaus Graz
2012 La Maison d’Emma St Mathieu France
2012 Kr2 Gleisdorf
2011 33 Jahre in 3 Tagen Wien
2011 Museo Premoderno Spodnij Hotic Slovenia
2010 galerie exposition Jennersdorf
2010 Atelier Encaustiques Wien
2010 Locker Wien
2010 Glockenspielhaus Graz
2009 Haus der Geschichte Linz
2008 Palais Kollonitsch Graz
2007 “Cathedrales” Wien
2007 Am Heumarkt Atelier T3 Wien
2006 La Fête de l’Âne im “Catedral” Wien
2005 Simon Arts und Crafts Wien
2004 Glockenspielhaus Graz
2004 Atelier Rundgang Wien
2004 Vitrine Hartmann Wien
2003 Artdialogues StPetersbourg
2003 Der Alltag im Wunderbar Wien
2002 Trend AG Wien
2001 Institut culturel egyptien Wien
2001 Klo Galerie Wien
2001 Swiss Art Wien
2000 Swiss Art Wien
1999 Cairo Berlin Gallery Cairo
1998 In der Fabrick Wien
1997 Centre culturel suisse Wien
1994 Centre d’Art Contemporain Fribourg
1993 Galerie Garbo Lausanne
1992 Galerie Pinx “Hold” Wien
1991 Centre d’Art Contemporain Fribourg
1986 Galerie Amer Abbas Wien
1986 Roter Engel Wien
1985 Mendelson Gallery Pittsburgh
1984 Salle de Bal Wien
1983 Galerie La Proue Lausanne
1982 Secession Wien
1981 Atelier J-J Hoffstetter Fribourg
1975 Galerie Fiamma Vigo Venezia
1972 Galerie La Proue Montreux


FREDERICK STEINMANN was born in Switzerland in 1953. At the age of seventeen, he enrolled in the School of Arts and Crafts in Vevey. Two years later, he left Switzerland for good and moved to Rome, where he studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti from 1972 to 1978. At the end of 1978, he moved to Vienna, which he later left for one year to take in the euphoria of New York. In 1995, tired of the limitations imposed by geographical constraints, he returned to Switzerland, where he spent the following six months preparing his trip to Cairo, where he spent the following four years, his work imbued with Eastern mysticism. From Rome to New York and then on to Cairo, his travels have always taken him back to Vienna, where he currently lives and works. His exiles have had a strange influence on his work. He refines and plays with his materials, working the iron and wooden bases until they are smooth so that it becomes easier to apply the detailed, inevitable reality, which purports to be either cynical, greedy, sensual or simply animal-like, yet always with a poetic element. Frédérick Steinmann has gained the lucidity that comes from travelling.


Possibility to visit the artist studio of Frederick Steinmann by appointment. Please contact by phone.

1020 Wien

tel : +43 650 535 70 75

email : contact(at)